If Bootz were alive today and he could talk he would say. “Thank you, Christine, for finially having the human world make sense to me. I was so confused and my face hurt so much. If you hadn’t taken me in and helped me learn about the human world, I would have been sold at auction for meat. I never meant to be a bad horse, I never even meant to be a difficult horse. I just didn’t understand what people wanted me to do and my face hurt. ”

I miss my big Bootz horse. He had headshakers, a neurological disorder that causes horses bootz08huntpacewebtextlessto sometimes shake their head violently in reaction to nerve pain. I had many people try to have me control the problem as a bad behavior. Something kept telling me that he wasn’t bad, something just wasn’t right. He was so sensitive, as soon as a stranger took his reins, he was begin shaking his head. It wasn’t until I had a vet looking at him for a lameness issue that he was diagnosed. He began tossing his head, jerking it upward and outward. The vet said, “This horse has headshakers.”. To learn more, http://headshakingsyndrome.com/ or http://http://www.thehorse.com/articles/10166/headshaking-in-horses.com/

The horse's eye says it allYou can see by the look in Bootz’s eye in this picture, he loved to be praised when he did

The horse’s eye says it all

well. He would always get this soft, sheepish look in his eye.

Bootz, I keep thinking…

Bootz, ?/?/? – 10/24/13

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Bootz had Headshakers Syndrome, http://www.equestriantraining.com

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