DaBrim Sun Protection

DaBrim — it keeps the sun off your face and neck.

so hot we're cool, we're hot , hot, hot!~

so hot we’re cool, we’re hot , hot, hot!~

Years back I used to make something like this from pop up garden hats.  In some of my pictures you will see colored circles on my helmet.  The DaBrim is far superior to what had made and is  engineered to stay on and be stylish. Da Brim encircles the helmet  and is available in several models with different sized Brims  or a visor which only shades the face.  See the table below and we can talk about the DaBest DaBrim for you.

DaBrim at Lonetreefarm.net

Endurance 4″ DaBrim at Lonetreefarm.net

Endurance $38.00 plus $5.00 shipping

Color :

Petite $38.00 plus $5.00 shipping

Color :

Multisport $38.00 plus $5.00 shipping

Color :


DaBrim at Lonetreefarm.net

DaBrim, designed by Bryan Family Enterprises, is manufactured  in the USA-– always a good thing.  I love mine and can say it stays on at the cross country field, the trail and the beach!


It happened to be halloween, but DaBrim is DaBrim!


To Order DaBrim you can call if the table below doesn’t help you know what you need.  Equestrian Comparison Table

Here is Bootz  from years ago!!This pic is not DaBrim, it is just a nice shot; I got into decorations! Windance_64


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