Products I Use and Why

Of course, Hit-Air Equestrian Safety Vests because I want to increase the odds of my survival and decrease the severity of an injury sustained when i fall if. PooPoo happens.

Da-Brim, I had lip cancer, squamous cell. My md, Dr. Jennifer Barron did a fantastic job and my scar is minimal. Da-Brim makes shade for my whole face, not just a wedge across my face!

Riding Sport Ice-Fil or San-Soleil shirts. Solar protection and the mesh on the underside of the sleeves keeps me cool.

Micro-cord knee patch breeches and tights. NOT full seat. I can not find a full-seat breech that is practical for wearing for hours.  There is just too much heat and sweat. Several brands are available at great prices too.

Sticky Seat fleece breeches, either knee patch or eventer are my favorite winter breeches.

Hip-appeal sport belt, a spandex belt with 2 zip pockets, large enough to hold a cell phone. The belt stays on and items inside of it, like cell phones, do not bounce! Great for riding and carrying a phone.  I wear a bluetooth attached to my glasses and am really Hands-Free!


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