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You can train your horse to do ANYTHING”;

Shawna, An Animal Behaviorist who’s early fame and success came from training the Orca’s and all other marine mammals at Sea World in Orlando, Fla. Shawana was always a horse lover, and was asked to consult for John and Bezzie Madden about a stallion owned by Iron Spring Farm. After solving a behavior issue that threatened retirement, the stallion went on to win at Madison Square Garden in  show jumping. Between then and now, Shawna founded Connection Training  (on facebook) to share scientific positive reinforcement training for all horses and all owners.

Here is the stallion mentioned above, his name was Judgement. His Bio and earnings are here. The show was at Spruce Meadows and he won 1 million Canadian dollars, 1,000,000.00 or $800,000. plus in US dollars.

Whether your horse is a 6 figure horse, like the one mentioned above or is your priceless best friend, positive methods equal positive results. You will learn the basic science about how horses learn and how to use those learning principles to deepen your relationship with your horse so he or she wants to work with you!
Principles of scientific animal training apply to all animals; you can come and ask questions about how this method can improve your relationship with whatever type pet that you love! And if you have a horse you can bring them and learn together.

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