Hit-Air Advantage Airbag Safety Vest



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Shipping: $19.00

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Hit-Air Advantage Airbag Vest
This airbag has the new, higher speed key-ball mechanism that activates the CO2 cartridge faster than any vest on the market.

    • For Eventing; but can be used for trail riding, western riding and other equestrian disciplines as well. It also has optional chest padding, back padding, and side padding.
    • “THE FASTEST” inflation speed: 0.09 sec seconds! Faster than the blink of your eye!
    • The neck airbag inflates first because that is where most injuries occur, then in only a fraction of a millisecond, the torso and hip airbags inflate. The neck airbag is significantly larger than the competitor brand’s neck air bag.
    • The key box, where the CO2 cartridge is deployed, is protected from dust and dirt and has sound insulation. It is quieter to minimize spooking the horse.
    • The vest is very comfortable because the hip air bags are concealed up and out of the way of your seat; no unnecessary “duck tail “that you might have to sit on.
    • The Advantage™ is also very versatile; it has an optional “CE” approved back protector and waist side cushions.
    • The new Advantage™ is also cool to wear because of the open design.

With all of these advantages, it is very affordable costing hundreds of dollars less than the competitive models!

    • Cartridges (ONE INCLUDED):
      Advantage™ 2XS-XS uses 50cc.
      Advantage™ S-XL uses 50cc.
      Advantage™ 2XL-5XL uses 60cc.
    • Check the measurements table at the bottom of the page and select your size, if you are not quite sure you can type your measurements on the text box above (right of the main picture). If your height does not match your chest in the tables, you may need a Buckle Extender. Call me at 408 888 8703 and we will figure it out. Safety First!.


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