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Making Progress or, what happened to me??

We have been having personal medical issues to work with and I think we or I am in a good management move. I go away from the personal media. I’ve been WAH, Busy, new hay, colorado, new people, new horses.  Busy, busy, busy. And when i try to post, like today.. I have tech issues with my site to deal with.  I’ve been working with Neubee and Dee White, a friend and fellow trainer  So good to have eyes.

Not only does Nuebee trip, i think he has ruined my position from trying so hard to keep him forward.  One of his issues is dominance and lack of motivation.  He still has some wierd issue or is it just motivation.

Food equals motivation. I’m experimenting with clicker training. Watch motivation!

food motivated

3rd time ain’t no charm mister!

Neubeequus has tried to kill me twice now. Once at Connie Arthur’s Lone Tree Farm (Connie is my idol/mentor by the way) and last tuesday, sort of, at home.  I have done what I have always told my clients over the years not to do, lead ’em and feed ’em.  I’ve given him a  too energy dense food (wrong kind of roughage) and not enough exercise to work it off.   Hay is a difficult commodity; Neubee’s feed has had too much alfalfa and maybe too much molasses.  So, I am eliminating most of his alfalfa and cutting his “complete feed” in half. I’ll try to free feed him some low energy forage and see what happens. I like to feed them like nature; in nature he would be picking especially in winter.  Time will tell, but when he is upset about the herd; he has become much more than I bargained for. So, that means even a real bargain can have a lot of hidden costs.

20141109_162016IMG_20131118_161558_563This is Neubee now






This is Neubee a year ago.  You could see his ribs, he didn’t have any muscle.  His feet were terrible, his coat was dull. Now he is fat and fit.  Am I, at my age up to the task of continuing his training?  Not at his current energy level; let’s see if changing his feed helps. Either way, 3rd time ain’t no charm, mister!

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