Montana Saddle Tramps!! Yeah Gurlz!

Montana Saddle Tramps!! Yeah Gurlz!

I am proud to be a part of the Montana Saddle Tramps, a group of courageous women riders who want to be safe as possible riding the mountains in Montana!  They witnessed Linda’s horse tripping and falling, and Linda’s vest deploying and cushioning her fall. Accidents happen, Accidents are. No fault, no unpreparedness.  When accidents happen, we experience a speed, we experience a sense of timelessness. Accidents happen slow in our brains but in real life there is no control.  There is a surrealism  to accidents, especially when we know we should have, would have, could have been severely hurt.  Hit-air vests can’t prevent reality or accidents. But, wearing one can give you the chance to recount what happened to your and the feeling of disbelief when you find your body isn’t badly hurt–especially when your brain and everyone’s eyes know you should be.  I love my vest. I am so happy to be a part of bringing safety to the Montana Saddle Tramps!!

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