Neubee fell again

Neubee fell again

I don’t know when, i found his scrapes yesterday, consistent with a fall and skid on his right side.  He has some sore spots but I think it is just superficial.    Hosed him, zinc, wrapped where i could. I worry about these things because he is so big.  He is performing the best ever, he is most willing ever and these interruptions in his training depress me…..

Pickle is doing OK,  hosed under his metal sole plate, soaked and re=wrapped all equals one sore back for me.  It makes me aware how important barn infrastructer is.  My people barn and wash area are separate from hoses living and feeding areas.  This has posed training issues with most horses until they settle from leaving the herd. Surprisingly, Neubee is totally fine in the barn, he is a barbie doll enjoying whatever is done. Pickle, unless he is coming up to the barn regularly, even after living here 20 years, gets anxious and wants to go back.

Horses, horse care as a lifestyle is alot of work and maintenance!

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