Posting from my website,

Posting from my website,

I am trying to use my “auto post” to facebook. I haven’t posted for a while too many tech issues.  Right now too many medical issues! Tomorrow i get an injection in my neck,that means no anti inflammatory drugs. I take the max dosage of a drug called Meloxicam. It has a very low GI profile, and i have taken it for sometime with great results and no side effects. But…. this is day 3 without it so i can have my injection.  I am amazed how much pain i feel, physical pain. In my neck and my right pir0formis muscle. I can not walk normally, i can not bear weight. I suspect after injection tomorrow, and back to my normal western medical approach to pain management and i’ll be off to connie arthur’s for the weekend.

Me and Neubee

Our first place at last pace


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