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Me and Pickle Felt Lake
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Horse Art

Local artist Elaine Hickman
did a lovely painting of my husband, Brian and his horse Jackson,
jumping a coop up at Woodside Horse Park!

Bei-hong, X. I first saw art by this man in two chinese restraunts.
If you search the web, you can find more of his art.
It is some of my favoite horse art.




When I was in Portugal, in the city of Toledo, my eyes snapped to a poster on an outside billboard. When I went inside to see if I could have the poster, which was outdated, I met the artist who was showing his art. You can reach him at, in Spain. I bought some of his original art, and had it shipped here.  It is incredible in its detail and realism.  It is charcoal or pencil and pastel, only shades of black and white. Each time I look at the work, I am still amazed.

This was sent by one of my clients. Gorgeous work.

I subscribe to Equine Vision Magazine, a beautiful glossy small publication. Support your local artists!!

I saw Patricia Borum carving a stone at Cameron the Friesian's Keuring.
Pricy but made in the USA!

The Savage
Eclipse Award-winning photo by Bob Coglianese of Great Prospector biting Golden Derby.
Order from Exclusively equine: Product #: P50-1531(BHP),

Is it art or just fun?

Reasonably priced equestrian painted giftware.

Another local artist, from Monterey California. Candace Bell. She paint in watercolors but uses a 19th century english technique, more traditional but beautiful.
Equestrain Art,

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Equestrian is a small, personal  horse training barn and riding club in Gilroy, Ca. (South San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley) where owner/trainer Christine Amber trains horses and riders. Equestrian Training's focus is on learning about, caring for, riding , keeping and owning horses as well as developing safe, strong, and sensible riding skills.  You can take  private riding lessons in English or Western Riding. You can join the riding club which emphasizes horses as a lifestyle that encompasses exercise, recreation, fun and a significant time commitment of three rides or group lesson a week.   Equestrian Training's horse training focuses on foundations that develop safety, relationship, willingness, obedience and balance in an athletic horse.